From looking into Gfeller and Hellsgard i came across this amazing pink to grey colour blend artists book. I’m not totally sure why i’m so fascinated with this considering how simple it is, but the result is so visually pleasing. I really enjoy how the use white space to emphasize the print. This work has really inspired me to play with colour in a book format, seeing how colour in relationship to itself changes how you read the object as a whole.

I first stared playing around with colour blends and laying similar pages next to each other which very quickly lead into physical layering of screen work to see how the image would read differently. Overall I’m happy with where this is going but i need to hone in on a better sense of colour use.

I’m really enjoying whats happening in image 3, i dont know why but for some reason it’s just working, i think the way i layered the colour blends and how i have positioned them together makes for a visually pleasing image.



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