Cutting holes.

After looking into collage and Décollage i was really inspired by this idea of building up and taking away, even though i didn’t really like how unpredictable the taking away was for their work, i decided to very simply cut some holes in some of the screen works i did to layer up an image. Firstly i cut them all around the same area and layered 4 prints on top of each other to see what would happen – not a lot. I’m not a huge fan of this, the colours together didn’t work and think that i should vary the amount of holes and change the places each time. I started to cut down the prints to the same size and cut them all in different areas which led to a much more interesting object, i stabled them together and i was very happy with the result. I want to explore this further and make a proper book.

A very slap-dash attempt to throw a quick book together with my old prints worked amazingly. I thought that with the cutting i should also add into the imagery as well by putting in some small cutout motifs to make the book more engaging. Even though i like this work, i think it is too busy, some of the pages work together but others are an assault on the eyes, i need to be a lot more considerate of the colours i use and how i got about cutting, i need to be able to link the layers together better.


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