1. Piotr Uklanski

2. Etel Adnan

3. David Hockney

4. Sara Andreasson


I found Uklanski’s work and Adnan’s work within a week of each other on instagram, i love how they’ve abstracted their imagery and this is exactly in the right direct i want to take my work in i love the colour palette they both use and i love the texture thats in Uklanski’s collages. I’m also very fond of the (what looks like) physical layering, i want to achieve this sort of feel in my work.

Looking at their work took me on to look at Hockney’s colourful landscapes and i love the colour he uses in his paintings, they’re so strong and vibrant they really draw you in.

I also found Andreasson’s work on instagram as well and i really enjoyed the strong colours she uses in her illustrations, i love how flat they are and how the shapes form.




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