I have also been playing around with trying to get my work off the page and turning it into a physical thing in itself. I have been making a large scale collage from old prints/found coloured objects for a while and i change the formation every so often, i really enjoy the engagement with the materials like this and how different it is to working primarily in 2d.

I joined Tom’s mobiles workshop where we created op-art inspired moving objects which was an incredible way for me to work out some ideas, i really enjoy layering the colours in this way, even though they were quite small, it felt a lot easier to use colour in this way that in the large collage as it wasnt as intense/busy.

I also found some broken bricks which i was interested in playing with as they slotted together quite well, so i played with some colours and arrangements with them, im not totally sure if i like them, but sdome of the images came out looking really good. I want to play with the 3d element more with my work as its really interesting and creates more questions within my work.


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