Artist statement.

I am extremely passionate about colour and the idea of how important it is in our day to day lives, it provides context to everything we see. Primarily working in print/paper collage i’m trying to create a warped view on the everyday, similar to Matisse’s cut outs.

I’ve gotten really in to Matisse’s work recently from some reading for the dissertation and was entranced by the striking bold colours and twisted views on everyday scenes created by the Fauves, which only strengthens my passion for this abstracted way of looking.

Most recently in my work i have developing a new style of working by creating cut outs from either memory/photographs/drawings of mine that i have simplified into forms which i have then removed all resemblance of the real world by changing the colours.

I have been experimenting with these images by scanning them in to flatten them and i really enjoy what happens to the image as everything in the image fights to be at the front, i want to take this further by mono printing the better composed collages i have to see what happens as it would be a good way to scale up the work as well as translate it into book format.


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