Inspired greatly by Gfeller & Hellsgard and partly inspired by some images on instagram, i was gifted some boards to experiment with. I first layed a print on one of the boards and was so happy with the result, i loved that my print was finally free standing and an entity of its own. I also thought that by adding some more boards in and painting some in block colours it would add to this feeling of a sculptural collage resembling some form of a print. I played with the composition with different objects and surfaces and i decided that i wanted a gloss surface to reflect and play with the block colours and to add to a floor element as seen in G&H. While i enjoyed making these and playing with the composition they didn’t communicate strongly enough this idea of a print that i wanted. I learnt a lot from these monoliths though, i learnt that i want to center my work more around printmaking as a process as well as collage and composition, i need to go back to basics and find a better way of showing my interests in printmaking, collage and form.


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