Printed boxes.

I decided to cut up one of my prints and make some open back boxes. I put some block colour paper on the edges of the boxes to compliment the image as when it was put to a wall or on a surface you got a faint halo of colour around it. I decided to make a white box as well and i was playing with the composition of the two, being able to look through them/stack them and layer them in different ways. I was really pleased with this attempt to push my work to be more 3D it feels like it’s getting there but i don’t think it’s dramatic enough, i want to scale this idea up and see what happens. I enjoyed the making of these as i felt really hands on with it, maybe more so than making the prints themselves. I love being able to play with composition in a different way, thinking about another axis as it invites people to start a dialog with the work itself.



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