Following the lithographs i did at the start of the year, i decided to scale up the work and tackle an A1 stone. I also learnt about a new litho process which involves taking a print using the grease in soap so i explored the use of the soap and the different marks it could make which i then cut into 35x35cm squares and then layered in a similar way to the first load.

Instead of focusing on a circular shape to cut out i focused on places of interest/interesting parts of the print, which i then layered carefully taking in a to account to make the print flow. I was hoping to create an almost ‘seamless’ image, where the cutouts out look natural in the print, to make a cohesive image and i think it worked. I enjoyed the process of using soap a lot as it was more immediate than the traditional methods of lithography. I didn’t like my colour use in these works, i thought i could have been a bit more select with it.



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