Carol Bove

Bove’s main intentions of fusing the found and manufactured, coupled with the idea of how we see and interact in a space make for some monumental objects.

Her steel structures are so perfect and so polished their monumentality is almost shattered by her placement of these objects in a space. They are strong as a standalone structure which i imagine would be interesting to walk around and view from all angles, but together, they create such a unique dynamic. The use of the chain link curtain changes how you observe these objects within their given space. She said she wanted to use the curtain to make people observe the entire space through it, changing how you as the individual understand what you’re seeing. She also has a keen interest in the in between, what isn’t seen between these structures. I like this idea of using objects to further the work more than just an ‘installation’ to make the observer work and change their perception and understanding of the work. I also really like the composition of her works, the last image especially really excites me, i can image seeing this as a 2D print. Her work gives me more fire to play with my own and perhaps play more with the process of printmaking to make ‘accidents’ to then change into a 3 dimensional composition.


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