Tutorial with James Green

I told James in my tutorial that i was unsure on the forms of my previous paper sculptures, i thought that the shapes where a little subdued and i didn’t feel as though they showed my level of excitement when i make a print. He suggested i look into the motion of printmaking, the physicality of printing so i went to the print studio and filmed myself using various pieces of equipment for reference.

I then set to work trying to translate these motions into paper forms. I’m happy with some of the compositions and some of the forms i made but not all of them. I think i need to be stricter with myself and not clutter each composition so much. I really like the first composition (photos 1-3) as it looked clean and to the point. I feel as though as the compositions become more complicated by more objects it muddies the overall image and takes away the magic of it. I’m still unsure if i want to pursue this way generating imagery, but it seems to be working for now. I might start abstracting/cutting down these compositions more and more until i find a result i’m happy with. I definitely like the more abstracted imagery, but am still unsure if i want to take it further by making completely nonsensical shapes and forms and then making the prints to enhance that.


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