Paper forms.

Inspired by Charley Peters, i attempted to create some of my own forms. The first try wasn’t right, the form looked uninteresting and tacky. I decided to reprint some more paper and took one of Peters forms, i then went back and shortened the first form, which i was much happier with. I added some coloured electrical tape  to the blue fold just as a means to attach it. I was super pleased with the final result and added some green tape to the red and pink form, which i thought made the form look more interesting that just being attached to the wall. I thought these were strong pieces separately but not together on the wall. There was still something that wasn’t sitting right with me with these though, so i thought i should add more more pieces and elements to them to see what would happen, but i quickly decided that these sculptural forms needed to be by themselves, instead of being collaged, it felt like a half arsed attempt to copy Frank Stella’s work.


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