Going bigger.

After a tutorial with Sue we spoke about the idea of scale in my work, and that i should look into how the size of the paper might dictate the form. i spoke about my aim to turn print into something more than a print, and looking into this idea of how to turn print into sculpture. We cut off a section of my fabriano roll and started playing with draping/shaping it. i then went off on my own and started to play with smaller scale shapes from lining paper. I enjoy this, but it felt a bit constrained and it felt like these shapes weren’t interacting with one another and more just sitting there as a collection of objects, i don’t know if that was down to them not having any colour, or if it was just down to the placement and arrangement of the objects themselves.

I did enjoy the forms and i hope to take this further as i enjoyed some of the shapes created. I really liked how the concertina book sat in the space, i liked the idea of this work really strongly back to printmaking. I watched this lecture about print in the expanded field (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v_AhzDVvDRI) where they spoke about the idea of printmaking being  only seen as a means of the dissemination of knowledge through the book and not as an art in itself. I thought i related strongly to the ideas they were talking about and felt that printmaking is always usually seen as something that’s almost usually 2 dimensional and in a frame on the wall. So i used the concertina as a means to try and relate to that.


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