My ‘book of the sky’.

I first set out playing with the easiest way to cover this amount of paper in pigment. i tried screen printing and rolling up a board of wood and the screen was the easiest out of the two and definitely has the strongest sense of colour. I printed up 4 meters of lining paper pink/red then painted the other side green. I thought that there needed to be something more on the print but wasn’t sure what so i made a simple hand drawn grid that i printed in a lighter green to bring in a better sense of depth in the print and also to contrast and interact with the pink layer and i was super pleased with the result, i hung it in my space and went on trying to print up more. I made a print just shy of 8 meters long and hung it next to the other in the studio and i was super excited with where things were going. I decided that i wanted to make a screen big enough to be able to print the 1.5m wide roll of fabriano so i made up a squeegee measuring at 1.6m to use, im still in the process of making the screen but im very excited to see how im going to tackle printing this size. I’m enjoying the scale of my work, but i still feel as though it’s too small, i want to be able to print a lot bigger to see what happens with my work and how it’s understood in space. I’m starting to get a sense of wonder with it, i haven’t seen many prints this sort of size.


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