The grey wall.

I painted my wall grey as per Davids advice and quickly got to work with playing and layering my work. I want to create a playful environment that focuses on the layering and use of colour as well as the delusion of image and perception, by physically collaging my work together. I took a photo after every time something changed so i could keep a record of it to relfect on and to see if this is working with my ideas for the space. I started off quite simple but tried to be a lot freer about the process so i could understand and generate ideas quickly. I liked how it started, but i felt it was still too flat so i added in a hanging piece of true grain, which blurred the colours behind it which i really enjoyed. I thought it related back to the screen in screen printing and that it worked well in the space. I also tried drawing physically on the wall but felt that it wasn’t relevant so i covered it up with more of my print work and started to play with shape more. I wanted to create a similar hanging bit of paper me and sue made as i thought it looked interesting and might hint towards the idea of taking print off the wall more. I felt the paper that i used wasn’t right so i want to change that for wider paper and play with a better colour use to fit in with the rest of the work that is already up. I also want to work with adding onto the other bit of wall and have things go more onto the floor and out away from the wall more to draw people in and to really hit hard on the idea of taking print out of the traditional means.

I decided that i want to have everything on their either printed or directly relating back to print. I want to have a go at printing directly onto the wall instead of painting it as well as looking into the idea of preciousness around print and print directly onto the floor to see how people understand and interact with imagery not being where it should.


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