True grain.

After talking to Tom about wanting to make a freer mark in my work, he told me about true grain, and that if i made i watery mix of india ink it would pick up more texture than normal drafting film. I gave it ago making up a layered design to print and  i loved the outcome. I thought the texture of the brush mark and the washed out look of it was amazing. It gave me the same satisfaction as pulling a soap litho print. I feel as though the print looks more like a ‘typical’ print instead of just being flat colour. I decided to print up a new roll to experiment with after my tutorial with David and i started being a lot freer with my making of it. I ended up using the screen out of the press for the green grid to be able to quickly work and layer the image up, then i started adding the new brush work in different colours to see what would happen. I kept building on this to try and find things out, i decided that the tin foil was too much and didn’t sit right with the colour, so i want to make another roll with the shiny surface on the other side of the print. I also overdid it with with colour use. I thought the combination of pink, green, orange and blue was good, but by adding the purple i thought it ruined the print and didn’t quite sit as comfortably and as harmoniously as the other colours. I also made some new true grain images to work with so i can keep layering up the painterly brush marks as i thought they gave a bit more life to my prints.

While i enjoy the freedom of the mark with using true grain with ink and a brush, i dont feel as though it fits in with my work. I think that the marks themselves aren’t saying the right things i want them to in my work and that they cloudy the overall perception of my sculptures. I think i need to stick to simpler marks/colour blocks and focus more on the sculptural aspect of the print rather than what the print is itself. I need to use the print aspect to further the sculpture rather than turning a print ive done into a sculpture. I want them work harmoniously together.


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