I had a tutorial with david and he said that while he though there was a strong interest in colour, but he thought that the spacial relationships in my work and segments of colour was integral to my practice. On reflection i completely agree, i think i got too locked in to thinking of just making a big print instead of what i’m personally doing in my work, and i’ve always felt that collaging is a core part of my practice. I was also advised to take down everything i had up and use my space and a place for experimentation not for display.

In the tutorial we spoke about Carla Arocha · Stéphane Schraenen work P11, Amilia Pica’s work Memorial for intersections, Guy Mees’ work Lost Space and Imi Knoebel’s Potato Images.

Which i all really enjoyed how they use space and delude with the idea of image. Layering their works to create a a changing composition or how they have used their works to change how the space is understood. It has given me a lot to think about and i want to start cutting up my prints and layering my works together to see how they interact and change the dynamic of the space. I want to still be conscious of how i can relate this all back to the connotations associated with traditional printmaking: reproduction, preciousness, 2D and well made.


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