I’ve spent a lot of time not really doing a lot, i’ve found it a struggle trying to get stoked about making more work, i feel as though i don’t really understand what im doing anymore past making a really big print and i feel as though there needs to be more. So i started making little experiments into colour and line to add to my prints as ive felt i don’t really understand colour theory i’ve mostly just been working to intuition and from trial and error, i also felt that my work felt sort of robotic and mechanical as i often use grid’s, circles and other basic shapes in my work which feel as though it’s not handmade. I know that from drawing them myself that they are human and not robotic but i can’t help but feel as though i want to explore some more fluid and handmade looking shapes. I like the look of the more fluid lines and so i thought i would look at colour with these more human marks. I thought i would use colours that would interact from my basic knowledge and i decided that if they were printed on white they would have a greater vibrancy. i thought these tests were successful and i think i might be on to something.


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