Xu Bing.

Sue introduced me to Xu Bing’s a book from the sky which greatly inspired me to undertake the challenge of creating a long screenprint. This work consists of 4000 made up and unintelligible Chinese characters. I loved this idea of a mass making of work, this almost reproduction that printmaking embodieds. From this i understood his work as being an almost one of a kind print. Each character is completely unique but results in such a massive body of work which spoke to me about the replication of printmaking, due to the speed of the process it makes reproduction easy. This was completely in contrast with that, but still embodied the notion of the reproduction in print but being completely unique. I love the idea of the one off, that, that one thing is completely separate. I want to embody this idea in my work, making my prints as unique as possible, going in complete rejection of the traditional notion of printmaking with editioning.


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