Cecile Johnson Soliz.

I was introduced to Soliz’s work in a tutorial with Sue and i was instantly inspired by her forms and shapes made from paper. Some have been painted with high gloss paint and others drawn with charcoal, to create powerful paper based sculptural drawings and paintings. I love the fluidity in her forms, she’s made paper look and act like a completely different material. She briefly talked about ideas of ownership around space with her objects. How they command space, how to make it look like they command more space than others and how the act and react within the environment and the other pieces. I found her work really interesting, how the collection of forms seem to sit comfortably with others big and small to create a powerful atmosphere. I like how you get drawn in with specific objects to try and understand their materiality and how they have taken on the shape that they have. I want to play a lot more with paper as the material to see how i can create a similar feel for it. I want to be able to make a powerful object that commands space and disrupts the conventional norms of viewing, using print and paper as the basis.


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