Degree show proposal.


Printmaking for me is at the core of my practice. I aim to achieve the same sense of wonder and excitement that I experience while I make prints, through my use of colour choices. My interests lie predominantly with collage because of the natural process of layering within printmaking as well as with colour, form and environment. I am exploring the notion and connotations around traditional printmaking and what it means to explore and push print into the expanded field, making it more than just a 2D element on the wall.

This year I am expecting to make one largescale print, that encompasses my interests in colour, form and space. I am wanting to make a 30m long screen print on either paper or fabric, or a combination between the two. I anticipate that the print will take possibly 2 months to complete at the very most.

I will be needing assistance to be able to make my print, as the squeegee will be too heavy for just one person to use alone as well as the size of the piece, it will be easier to have more than one person to move the material. I will also be requiring assistance in hanging my piece –







The ideal space would be the gap between the kitchenette and the studios on the first (and potentially the second floor) with the print being suspended in mid-air in a free form shape, which will be determined by how the piece is hung. If not, it could be spiralled as a Richard serra inspired piece.

I have already spent £40 to make the squeegee and for the screen mesh, 20m of 3×2 wood has been ordered to make the frame. I will also need 30m of paper or fabric (Fabriano roll costs £25 for 1.5x10m so that would be £75 total for paper) or I can call paper supply companies and see if I can get sponsored which would be free. 5ltr of print medium costs £30, I am unsure yet on how much I will need, but potentially up to 15ltr of medium to cover the 30m roll and systems 3 paint, unsure on cost and amount.

Coming to a total cost of £205 and an estimated £350 including wood, paint and materials for hanging.


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