Paper play.

inspired greatly by Soliz, Morris and Smith, i decided to start playing with some large rolls of paper to create shapes that i thought would challenge how paper is viewed as a material as well as how printmaking would be viewed. I directly took some of the shapes from soliz to try and understand the form better, and i really enjoyed the shapes that were created. I want to play a lot more with some different types of paper to see how that would affect the reading of the object. I thought the crumpled paper was a really interesting shape (if it was printed) i think that it would directly challenge ideas of preciousness connected with printmaking as well as the conventional hanging of prints. But i’m still somewhat unsure of the shapes i want, i cant decide if i want something going from 2D into 3D or something very much off the wall. I need to play more to figure it out as well as experiment with other types of paper to see what happens. I really like the simplicity of the last paper curl and i think it has a lot of potential, but i tried scaling it up and it just didn’t act in the same way the smaller scale version did.

I think i want to play with printing up some rolls of paper up with some basic colouring and playing with the arrangement of shapes and see what happens. I really like the idea of letting where it’s hung dictate the shape.


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