Richard Smith.

I started looking into Richard Smith’s work as i found his paintings really interesting. I wanted to know why he was confronting painting in such a different way by making his pieces come off the wall. He took inspiration from painterly abstract expressionism as well as pop art, looking into everyday subject matter such as boxes and cartons. He then started to challenge conventions of painting by questioning its rectangular format and flatness. You can see how he has progressed this idea of coming off the wall by first adding a separate extension onto his 1963 ‘vista’ painting which battles this idea of the rectangle format of painting, which then led onto physically coming off the canvas and eventually further out introducing the paintings into a physical space. I really enjoy how his canvases occupy space, changing how the viewer interacts and looks at the object/painting. I feel that they are somewhat clunky shapes though, for me they are too angular and cube like.


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