Robert Morris.

I then started looking into Robert Morris’s work, and i really enjoyed the softness that came with the use of felt. Morris’s work started from minimalism. In his 1966 essay he first started talking about the experimental process of minimalism, which called for the use of simple forms for the viewer to intuitively understand. He then started introducing indeterminacy and temporarily in to his work by cutting, dropping, pinning and stacking softer materials like felt or rags, he celebrated the ephemeral nature of his artwork as they would naturally change when they were installed in a new space. I really enjoy that idea of indeterminacy with art. I feel as though with printmaking that because it is always normally framed, it removes the ability to be able to change how the piece is viewed. It will always be flat and it will always be on the wall. I like the idea of have a new artwork every time it’s exhibited, making it always unique and dependent upon the space. I also really like that the majority the fixings aren’t hidden with his work, i like being able to see how it has been attached to the wall to determin how the fabric will lie. His work has really inspired me to play more with my prints to create stand alone objects that interact with a space.


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