The expanded field.

I decided to undertake a large print (10m) with a cream/beige to pink to blue gradient inspired by one of Bruno Booth’s paintings i found on Instagram. I thought that by the act of printing something so large that it would naturally take on a sculptural context as it occupied physical space. I was also curious about the preciousness that is conceived around printmaking and thought that by having the print go from wall to floor that it would question the preciousness around it.

I also used large nails to pin the print up to make it very obvious as to how it was hung, but i thought that the nails still were big enough, i think they should have made more of a statement by either being coloured or by being massive. I also played around with printing directly onto the wall and floor as i thought it would be interesting to get rid of the paper all together to see how printmaking could be understood differently being on the wall. While i feel the ideas behind my work at the moment are interesting, i need more context to push my work further. I think i need to play around more with paper forms, as i feel like i am getting too locked into the printing side of the work at the moment and i want to explore the physicality of it more. I thought that printing directly onto the wall was fun and interesting, but at the moment i don’t think it’s completely relevant to continue at the moment.


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