Henriette Van’t Hoog.

I came across Van’t Hoog’s work in a tutorial and was instantly struck by the strong, bold use of colour and the way she deceptively works with space. She says she wants her work to make people aware of colour, shape and non-existing space in a fun and unexpected way, which i think she deals with incredibly well. I’m very interested in the punchy-ness of her objects, how she creates a strong presence in her spacial forms which highlight the blur between the 2D and 3D in her work. I like the simplicity of the objects/shapes she has used and how they would interrupt and control the viewers perception of her work. I really enjoy the idea of controlling how the viewer see’s/interacts with artwork, and i feel as though Van’t Hoog does this in a almost childlike and fun way, with her incredibly vibrant use of colour and basic geometric motifs. I think in my work i need to be bolder in my use of colour and let it have more of a front seat role.  I want to explore more how colour changes the viewers understanding of an object in space, through possibly using more neon/dayglow colours that Hoog has used. I also think i need to play more with how my sculptures work in a space, and how the viewer interacts and understands the space in the context of my work.


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