Josef Albers.

I’ve been interested in albers work for a long time, i ended up buying his interaction of colour book and got really into this idea of how colour works. i was interested in the visual perception of colour against harmonious and complimentary colours and how that affects the way we see them interact with each other and how we interpenetrate that as a whole. I enjoy how in Alber’s ‘homage to the square’ works, he has adopted a very minimalist style of working, dedicating his practice to the understanding of colour. I enjoy how the different combinations of hues either project out of, or recede into the canvas. From reading his book i enjoyed the simple colour experiments he has set out, and i enjoyed the basic ‘patterns’ he used and i think that would be a good starting point in my own work as i feel pure block colour is too much and i want to add more than one colour to each side of my work without using a complicated design. I am really interested in how albers uses colour in his work to almost stage distance and i feel that would be an interesting aspect for me to include into my printed designs.


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