More paper tests.

After being inspired by one of Alber’s colour experiments i took the basis of it (thick lines of complimentary colour) and decided to make my own. I thought a strong red and slightly subdued pink would work well together, so i mixed both of the colours with some tinters to boost the vibrancy. This worked really well as it felt like the red was coming more forwards in the print than the pink and it created some depth as well as a slight optical illusion. I thought that some thinner green lines on the reverse of the print would work well as it would compliment both colours, but after making it i thought that it was too busy and i should have printed  a block colour instead as i think it would have had a greater impact. I created a similar shape as to the others that i have been testing out and i thought that it worked well, i think that i should have been more considerate to balance each side out more but i still think it worked well and i want to print up more paper to test it at a large scale and explore the materiality more like in morris’s work, taking over the wall to see what happens with the space. When i was gluing the strips together it naturally bunched up and created a really interesting shape and form on the floor, which really inspired me to do it again but bigger, so i cut up the last bit of my roll, glued it together and manipulated it on the floor. I think that it was quite effective, but because the grain of the paper was in the wrong direction it didn’t sit as well as the other print, so i want to try it again with a heavier gsm paper cut thicker and put into a cleaner space to see how people interact with it.


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