Paper tests.

I decided that i should become more focused on the materialistic aspect of the paper more within my work, so i got some varying weights of paper (65,70, 135, 220, 300) to start playing with to see how differently they held their shape. I originally came up with this simple double loop of paper that i really liked the shape of because i thought it was simple with a good balance between 2D and 3D which i thought would be a good starting point. I looped all the weights of paper in the same way to see the difference in the spring in them. I really liked the tracing paper not only for the softness of the form but also because of the transparency of the paper as well, but because i want to include print into my work i don’t know how well i could include that. I also cut some smaller strips of 220gsm paper that glued together and quickly stapled to the wall to create some forms but i felt that they were coming off the wall too much and i didn’t like the shape of them.

I went back to my 1000 grade (similar to 150/200gsm paper) lining paper and decided to keep looping up the roll i had left to see what would happen, i tried to be mindful of how i was building the shape up, but i was pleased with the end result. I thought the 2m would have made more but other than that i thought it was an interesting shape and i would like to explore it more by printing up a longer roll and really building it up off of the wall.



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