Ellsworth Kelly.

I saw one of Kelly’s steel sculptures (blue and red) on the trip to Amsterdam and was incredibly inspired by his strong and vibrant use of colour of a 3D form. I decided to look further into his practice and paintings and i found out he was a hard edge painter, which i thought was an interesting style of painting. It is often associated with Mondrian and Albers. It was a painting style that started in 1959 and finishing in the early 70s, described as an early style of colour field painting. Kelly derived his motifs off of real world replications of shapes, shadows and other visual sensations he experienced in the world around him. His work is about the dynamic relationships between shape, form and colour. He has continued Matisse’s ideology of work by creating a decorative visual serenity, with the motif edited down to its most simplest form. I think i can take a lot from Kelly’s work, coupled with Matisse’s ideologies, i think i can find a ways of creating my own decorative patterns for my prints to then explore with sculpture, colour and space.


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