Assessment feedback.

Following from my assessment feedback, we discussed that the earlier paper fold  works ( i was doing fitted a lot stronger with my concept. I said how thye photographed a lot better than the actual reality of them, which led into us talking about how i can progress. We talked about possibly of revisiting some of the shapes i had, but make them bigger/work them in with the most recent paper work i have been doing.

I started by taking a familiar shape but i wanted to bring it in closer to the sorts of objects i was looking at now so i decided to incorporate some slits into the print design as a hopes to make the piece more 3 dimensional and enhance on the original fold designs. I felt that this worked really well, i enjoyed the segmented view between the magenta and violet lines and the sharp orange underneath. I felt this worked especially well as we had a window open in the studio which created a small breeze which made the print move, which i thought added a strong dynamic, making the interaction between colour more obvious. The video can be found here.

I think that the movement of the piece within the space enhanced the overall perception of the work. I thought it was a simple and strong stand alone fold that i could work with more to concrete it. I wasn’t overly pleased with my colour choices, i thought that the colour would sit flatter on the paper with the use of tinters but i must have added too much medium. Overall, i think this was a successful sculpture to work with.


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