Pairing back.

Inspired by Robert Morris and Cecile Johnson Soliz, and from my feedback to simplify, i decided to invest in a roll of fabriano. I thought the natural spring of the roll of fabriano would help me with this idea to cut into the paper as Morris does with his felt. At first i only cut down just above halfway and i thought that i could go further and ended up going down further than halfway. I thought this was simple and elegant, the roll of fabriano curled out at the top and you could see how the paper was still bowing out further down the cut. It was also interesting how the point of focus on this became the end of the line, the tension around that point was immense and was personified by the sharpness of the grey wall. I want to play with this idea more, but i feel as though the width of the paper is too much and it controlled the wall and was overwhelming in the space, so i think i need to work smaller. I also used one of Cecile’s shapes from her ‘Made up’ show as i thought it was a simple but powerful object. While i like it, i feel as though it is too similar and doesn’t quite fit in with the rest of the sculptures i am making.


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