I ended up getting some nails made (10x10x23cm) to hang my fabriano slit sculpture as i thought the nails i was using before were dwarfed by the curls of the paper. I really liked the outcome of this, i thought that it stood out very well and made it very obvious as to how the piece was hung. I made this sculpture at a smaller scale to see if it would still have the same effect as before and to see how it would work with colour. I thought that it still had the tension at the end point of the slit and that it worked very well as a piece. However, i do not feel as though it works well with the style of work that i am currently making, for me it just doesn’t quite fit in with everything else. I also looked at how i could incorporate the same subtle glow of colour that appeared on the walls in my first paper folds, i thought that by adding a strong colour to the back on a fold would work, and it sort of has but i think it needs more light to be more visible. But i like this idea of an aura of colour.


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