Revisit: Printmaking in the expanded field.

After stitching paper together, i was reminded of this lecture that i had watched a few months ago about printmaking in the expanded field that has inspired my entire practice. Carlos Capelan touches on connotations surrounding printmaking such as the nature of replication (editioning) and how printmaking shares this with literature, he likens printmaking to the dissemination of knowledge and how printmaking is closely tied to the idea of a book. The general theme of this lecture discusses ideas around how artists have taken the idea of a book and transformed this somewhat standardised object into artworks themselves (artists books). This has inspired my practice greatly, because of this lecture i have questioned why printmaking is seen to be flat, framed and on the wall within a normal viewing height. Remembering the key ideas in this lecture has grounded me a bit more, i think i went far out in my experimentation, looking at printmaking as sculpture without looking into the sculptural quality of the book itself and the significance that has to printmaking.


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