Looking back through Morris’ work i came across this piece which i thought looked amazing and i wanted to see if i could make it out of paper. I thought about possibly gluing the paper together but then i noticed a small fixing in Morris’s piece and after some talking to Tom in print, i decided to stitch the paper together instead.

I used tracing paper as it has a more flexible quality to a heavier weight paper. I stitched a small section of the paper at an angle to try and achieve a similar style of fall as in Morris’s work. Unfortunately the paper couldn’t hold itself under its own weight and ripped before i could take a photo of it. However, I was inspired by the stitching greatly. I enjoyed the finished compared to gluing and it made me think to work in long strips of paper like my earlier work to create shapes. I ended up settling on this slumped shape on the floor. I thought the connotations attached to stitched paper fitted well into my practice as the strongest connotation is towards bookmaking, which is a massive part of printmaking, and my work is almost an extension of that, taking the idea of the printed page and taking it out of that format. I settled on this slumped paper shape going onto the floor as i thought there was some scope to work with it and ways i could play with colour to enhance the shape.



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