Dieter Roth.

I have been interested in Dieter Roth’s work for quite some time. Above is his C6 book and Kinderbuch. His book works were very much concerned about colour shape and form, which you can see in both of these pieces. In his C6 book, a simple idea of cut out sections, in a loose leaf book format has created an endless combination of results. They are activated by the ‘reader’ which when changing the composition can create a multitude of different patterns and optical effects. His Kinderbuch features just two shapes and 3 primary colours, through the use of transparency and opacity, you can build the composition through the book, understanding his interests in colour, shape, form and composition. These books engage the participant in a very different way than a normal book, without any text, there is still a dialogue. I’m very interested in this idea of how people interact with artworks, and i think that book art is such an interesting way to approach this because it is using something that is ordinarily handled but combining it with something that typically you cannot touch. I am aware of the connotations surrounding my ‘book’ art and i am interested to see how the public view and interact with it, whether it be handling and touching it or looking at it in terms of sculpture.


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