At first i couldn’t decide what colour thread i wanted to use, i laid out yellow, orange, fuchsia and white over the blue and greys. The orange contrasted really well against the blue and again created a slight optical effect and sat very nicely against the greys so i decided to use that. I found some issues putting the book together, mainly because i haven’t made anything like this before so i was mainly learning as i was going, but became a lot more confident is stitching towards the end. When it first started to come together i knew that it was exactly what i wanted to achieve, the contrast between the blues and the red worked perfectly, creating sharp, bold shapes. At first i found it very hard to tell the difference in shade between the greys, they all looked so close but the further i got through the better it started to blend. The longer it got the more of a chance i got to play around with it, seeing how it could be displayed, either on the wall, shelf or on the floor. When i finished putting these sections together i was concerned about the length and smoothness of the gradient. I thought that it should be bigger, so it could command more space and to not be overwhelmed in the space it would be in as well as i thought the gradient would be smoother if it had a darker and lighter blue.


I mixed up the other blues and added them onto the ends which brought the book just shy of 5m. I was much happier with the gradient, i think it ran a lot smoother. I also noticed after putting it all together, that the orange thread reacted differently against the darkest and the lightest grey, it seemed to glow more the lighter the grey got, which was very interesting to see.



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