Undertaking this project took a fair bit of planning ahead. I started by exposing two screens with the paper stencil slightly bigger than what i needed to account for printing errors and to allow for a full bleed. I then mixed my concentrate blue which i separated out into 8 containers which then had different amounts of white pigment to dilute the colour. I tested the colour mixes on some plain card to see how well the blend would go, when i was happy with that i then moved on to mixing my other colours. This process was fairly fluid, through all of my colour mixing over the years i decided that i didn’t want anything too bright or to contrast too heavily, so i settled on a purple-grey as i thought the slight tint would enhance the blue and make the grey sit more harmoniously, mixing the shades in the same way as before. I then mixed up a super bright florescent pink-red for the underside as i wanted a strong colour to reflect on the surface and to contrast strongly with the above layer. I found the planning difficult at first, it took some time to get my head into a more methodical way of working but i was excited to see how this was going to come together.


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