Printed test.

Looking back through all of my work i decided to test the concertina with a mid blue and red/orange as i know these colours work well together and create a slight optical effect. I thought the yellow thread would be a good bridge between the two colours and sit comfortably within them and i think that it did. It was great to see what this object could look like in a space and i was getting a better idea about what it was doing. While there are very strong connotations between the concertina shape and the book format as it has been used for artists books and alike, but with this shape i am hoping to bring it more into a sculptural sense. By removing a direct language and using colour, i am hoping this ‘book’ will read more as a printed sculptural object and the forms be accentuated by the use of colour. While i like these colours, i feel as though at the size i want to make this book (approx 5m) i think that it will become too intense and distasteful. I want to keep to a Matisse style of working and create a balanced harmony.


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