After the planning involved to get to this stage i was so excited to be able to physically make it. Straight away after seeing the first section of blues coming together i got very excited about what i was making. I think that the gradient of blue worked very well and looked smooth, i am slightly concerned as it looks somewhat like the sky from day to night, but other than that i am happy with the result. I thought that the red worked very well with the blue hues, it created a slight optical halo on the boarder of the two colours which is exactly what i wanted to achieve, i think with this red on the underside it will really create some strong contrasting shapes and reflections. I was concerned when mixing my greys as when i printed them next to the blues they looked more blue than grey, but after cutting them off and putting them by themselves they looked better. I am hoping that because i am using such a small part of the grey that it wont mix too much in with the blue surrounding it.


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