After making a small prototype (25x25cm) concertina, i outstretched it to find out that at that size and weight of paper it wouldn’t work as a wall shape because it lost all definition. I went back to the drawing board with Toms help to redesign the concertina so it would better keep the triangular shape. We decided to work with the grain of the paper on the fold and add a spine in the opposite grain to keep it as ridged as possible. I then played with the length of the spine, as i didn’t like it covering the width of the book, so i shortened it so when it is printed there will be an area of colour sitting in another, similar to Albers, Kelly and Agams work. I also decided to scale it up slightly making it 29.5×29.5cm as that was the biggest size i could fit on the paper to make it as economical as possible.


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