Needing something else.

After making my book, i didn’t feel as though it was complete. Talking to Tom and Laura, i discussed possibly putting a hard cover on the book and giving it a title, but i didn’t want it to be too much like a conventional book. It needed some sort of balance, a counter part that still brought an emphasis to sculpture, so i decided to create a case for the book to be housed in that would act as a secondary sculpture. I drew up a few designs, playing with how to hold it, i wanted to make something around the natural triangular shape the concertina created but also have enough parts to it that i could play with in exhibiting. I settled on this case design that has an elongated top. Through making, i decided that i wanted to add in a false floor to make the case stand taller and to lift the book off the floor a bit to add to it’s importance and power, which i thought worked very well. After my trial run i made some tweaks to the height so the lid would fit flush with the book in the bottom section to allow for more display options. I was unsure on a colour palette, but settled on green after looking at an Albert Irvin print on the wall in the printmaking studio and i thought that the yellow inside and the orange lip on the case would compliment both the green and the blue of the book.



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