After a lot of playing around with my work in the space, i think i have settled on an arrangement that i like, the compliments the work and the space. I think it makes my ideas clear, it shows the shape off, the colour and allows for people to interact with it and the space. I think the concertina on it’s side on a diagonal towards the corner creates a powerful object that makes the space inviting to navigate. I am still unsure about the height of the shelf but i like it on the right hand side of the object as i think it creates a good symmetry and it reads well in the space. I have bought some magnets to test hanging the case on the wall without the shelf to see how it then reads, but i don’t know if i want emphasis on the sculptural aspect (without the shelf) or if i want to stick with the shelf at a lower height allowing for people to look down on the case, as it will still be outside of the normal viewing area but will still reference a bookshelf for this sculpture. Overall i am very pleased with my part in the group exhibition, i think my work looks good in this space and will invite people to navigate the space that it is in. My only concern is that i have a lot of empty space on the other wall, i have tested making some smaller work to exhibit alongside the book but i don’t feel as though it fits in and to me it feels as though it is unnecessary.


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